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Holly is a Long Island author who writes twisty, morally gray thrillers. She is represented by Helen Heller at the The Helen Heller Agency.

She also works as an editor at Better Homes & Gardens. Previously, she spent eight years working as a senior staff writer for Thought Catalog where she amassed millions of views on articles about modern relationships and mental health.


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Evan has spent the last decade trying to forget senior year--the panic when Faith Flynn disappeared, the lies she told the police, the secrets she still plans to take to her grave. After graduation, she couldn’t move away fast enough, but divorce has forced her back to her dreary hometown. As if living with her parents at almost thirty isn't punishment enough, she's welcomed home with messages from Faith. Or, at least, someone claiming to be her.


Fiona has been receiving similar messages from Faith, her twin, the one everyone believes she murdered in cold blood. And it doesn’t feel like a coincidence this is happening as soon as her ex-best-friend Evan has arrived in town. As the ten-year anniversary of Faith’s disappearance looms closer, the encounters grow more disturbing. No one is safe from the mysterious person stirring up trouble in their small town, but Evan and Fiona will risk death to expose lies. Or to keep them.

"We had a blast with this novel! We’re always looking for queer thrillers and The Guilty Twin did not disappoint. It kept us on the edge of our sofas and caused a lot of people to be upset by our reading-induced silent treatments." -- audioshelfme
"If you need a mystery surrounding a group of messy friends that ends in more than one murder, then this is it. It’s an easy 240 pages!" -- brittyoreads
"The Guilty Twin is filled with tension, sapphic love interests, and enough secrets to bury the body. Bonus points for the nostalgia it rendered for the many nights I spent binging Pretty Little Liars with roommates!" -- lelyreads

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